Totally Catholic Trivia 2.0 App Reviews

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Excellent catholic trivia

Really like this. Please do more apps, catholic word games and catholic bible trivia. Please add more questions to make it even more challenging.


I’m really learning. This app is the best little addition to reading the Bible. It always helps to make a game out of learning to keep people fired up. Thank you so much!

Major Doctrinal ERRORS

This needs to be redone and quickly. There are many errors in these questions, the absolute WORST being: Which is NOT TRUE about receiving the Holy Eucharist? The answer: We must believe it is Jesus. ANATHEMA! The dogmatic Council of Trent clearly states that if one does not believe the Blessed Sacrament to truly be the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of Christ, let him be ANATHEMA! Just one of many errors, but this is downright blasphemy. Get this fixed immediately, please!

Pretty good

A good app..plays like 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?'...only complaint is that the suggested answers from the computer are too frequently incorrect, even on lower-level questions.

Love App but Needs Some Corrections

I love this App! My kids and I have learned a lot! However, lately I've found it will randomly have wrong answers for some questions. Please fix this and you'll have 5 stars from me. Thanks!

Catholic triva

I love the app except if the answers are long some are on the line or behind and am unable to read them is there anyway to fix this?

Awesome app!!

Thanks for this awesome app.A wealth of Catholic information.Its like getting a early Christmas present! God bless you,keep up the great work...

Thank you!!

Thanks for this wonderful app.I couldn't ask for more than what you've provided.Excellent work.

Absolutely amazing!!

This app is just too great! It has everything I could ever want and more for increasing my knowledge in the great world of Catholicism..

Great app for Catholics!

Thanks for this awesome product! God bless you,developers!

Being blessed

M truly blessed with this wonderful app.My son recommended it to me and believe me when I say that I could live without all other apps, except this one.Keep up the good work in God's Holy name.Amen


best way to be totally catholic..


Totally impressed of this new app!!..

Totally Catholic

Its lively,entertaining and totally engaging app..


If you value, want to be totally catholic and wants to understand a bit more of their faith then buy it... its the best ...

Good App for new Catholics

I recently become Catholic. I found this app very useful and informative. I have learnt a lot about Catholic Religon from this App.

Interesting Catholic Game

I have played this game many time and found new things related to Catholic.

Great Religious App

This app is very informative about Catholic Religion.

Informative app

Very Informative App about Catholic

Hey! I'm really learning something!

Simple lay out - no annoying music or stupid game sounds . Questions are interesting and thought-provoking. Games are quick enough to play while driving to Church, yet challenging enough to lead to great discussions with kids. I like that it was compiled from the Catechism and Church approved sources . I'm holding out for a more simplified version made for kids! Keep them Catholic Apps coming!!


Reasonably good app

Great App

Great App

M impressed

Best app out there and cool thing is every time u learn new things which are really important....


Works great, No bugs no crashes.


Great app! Informative nd well organized app!

Does not work

Does not work with iOS7. I'd appreciate a refund or a fix.

No tech support

This app worked fine and was a lot of fun until iOS 7. Now it won't work and there is no tech support.

Fun, but needs corrections/updates

Few inaccuracies that need correction. Suggestions: Keeping score (vs just starting over again) Avoid repeat questions (especially same question in 1 game) Add a few statistics (how long to finish, score per game, etc.) Retina support - better graphics Categories: saints, catechism, gospels, ot, etc.

Full of inaccuracies.

The idea of catholic trivia is great, and the format and presentation here is good...but it's full of inaccuracies. They need to be fixed. I have forgotten almost all but a few recent ones I remember, namely: Luke's Gospel ALSO traces Jesus line back to Adam. The question writer may have excluded Luke because Luke then adds "The Son of God" after son of Adam, but that does not make Luke an incorrect answer. Otherwise the question should be changed to "Which gospel goes back ONLY to Adam. Also, many scholars believe Mark to be the little boy who ran away naked during Jesus' arrest in Mark's Gospel. No one, therefor, is sure that John is definitely the youngest, so that question ought to be changed or removed.


I am having a great time with this and I learning a lot!!

A large improvement

The new version is a major improvement over the previous version. It now shows you the correct answer when you get it wrong and your game is saved when you leave the app in the middle of a game. However, there are still a few questions that are incorrect or at least misleading or IMHO not relevant. Overall a great app and I do encourage people to buy it and play it.

Good Game; Needs Update

This game is fun, simple in format, great resource overall. However, as a theologian trained in the Catholic tradition I noticed that the answers to some questions are incorrect. This needs to be fixed, but otherwise the app is great.

RCIA & CCD material

What a great App! Not always the easiest questions. I did know that balm was mixed with olive oil to make the holy Chrism. How many Catholics know that one? I'll use this as a fun game in class. It's based ok so you want to be a millionare.

COOL - It's about time!

A Catholic game in the app store - I must be dreaming! Awesome! You will learn something new every time you play it. Crossing my fingers that more apps from this developer are on the horizon!

Trivia Catholic style!

This is the best Catholic app out there! It's easy, informative, and fun fun fun. A must have.

great Catholic app

There are no other Catholic apps in the iTunes store besides this one! This has truly been a landmark for the faith... and not just that, but a quality one. Tons of Catholic trivia that will keep you interested and learning. Looks great, lots of fun, and the first of its kind.

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